Auto woot tool

PlugDJ Auto Woot

We provide the best Auto Woot for Plug.DJ. It allows you to listen to music without the hassle of voting every time! empowers people from around the world to share music in a fun, real-time, community-driven environment. Join an existing community, or create your own community based around common interests and musical tastes. Put together the perfect playlist, make new friends, and then take turns playing music and videos with each other. Whoever DJs before you might inspire your next song, and you can discuss musical influences in our live chat. If you discover a new track that you like, you can ‘Woot!’ it to start dancing, or even grab it to add to your playlists. Pick an avatar that fits your personality, and you’re ready to make new friends and listen to music!

To install: Drag this button to your bookmarks bar and click it to activate.

❤ AutoWoot!

Firefox , Chrome , and Opera only!!